How to Use the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life

Ever since mankind came to be, there has been a need to follow a certain philosophy, way of living, or religion. These factors end up being a substantial part of the proper functioning of every society.

The law of attraction is a new philosophical theory that many people have turned to and share their brilliant outcomes in practicing it. However, as with any other teaching of the sort, such an idea is close to impossible to prove, so we lack any scientific evidence.

What is The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the idea that all of our thoughts are energy that flows around us and influences our lives. This way, positive thinking may contribute to positive outcomes, while negative thinking tends to bring negative results and emotions.

Along with gravitation and some others, followers believe this is one of the most powerful laws in the universe. It promotes the idea that each of our thoughts at any given moment has a given consequence irrespective of whether it’s positive or negative. The final take is that if we surround ourselves and nurture positive thoughts and emotions, we’ll find more success in our lives.

A Brief History of The Law of Attraction

Practitioners believe that the principles of the law of attraction originate from ancient times. Furthermore, they seem to also be present in ancient religious writings. However, it developed as a separate idea and teaching in the 19th century when many authors such as Helena Blavatsky and Thomas Troward began spreading the word.

Nowadays, monographs on the law of attraction like The Secret heavily rely on the ideas and teachings of the doctrine’s initial creators. However, many authors develop their concepts surrounding the law, which mainly revolve around willpower and positive thoughts.

The Main Principles of the Law of Attraction

The supporters distinguish three main principles among the general law of attraction.

1. Like Attracts Like

This principle is exactly what it suggests. The idea is that similar things attract each other. It proposes that positive thoughts, emotions, and actions attract positive outcomes and people sharing the same ideology. Hence the saying, “Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are.” Likewise, negative thinking may attract negative results and experiences like failures, diseases, and so on.

2. Nature Abhors a Vacuum

This law sounds strange, but it’s extremely logical and straightforward. The idea is that it’s impossible to have empty spaces in your life. Therefore, removing negative thoughts and emotions creates space for positive ones, which can dramatically improve our lives.

For example, Marie Kondo, who’s a tidying and organizing expert, says that tidying our homes can change our lives for the best. This idea relates to the principle since removing clutter, useless things, and thoughts can attract new beneficial experiences and opportunities.

3. The Present is Always Perfect

Present is Always Perfect
While not everybody’s life can be perfect at any given moment, we should strive to look for and focus on positive things in everything surrounding us. We have the liberty to make our happiness and should always look to perfect our current situation and circumstances.

The fact is that there’s always a way for our lives to become worse or better. There will always be someone better than us. Likewise, there will always be someone who can only dream about being presented with the same opportunities simply because they have been born in a different society in different circumstances.

4. What It Can Be Used For

The law of attraction can be used as a philosophy for a way of living. Its advocates believe that practicing the principles aligns ourselves with the universe by connecting us on a deeper level. This can altogether contribute to better health and more stress-free and happier life.

Additionally, using the law of attraction and surrounding yourself with positive thoughts and emotions can boost your confidence, social, and love life. You can use the law to clarify your goals and make your dreams come true. By focusing on prosperity, you may create new opportunities that can bring financial abundance to your life.

5. What It Shouldn’t Be Used For

At first, many people think that the law of attraction is some magic trick that should instantly answer their desires. While the law can’t manufacture money, you can bring prosperity by visualizing that you’re becoming rich.

Furthermore, you can’t impose your will on others and command them. You can’t make someone fall in love with you. What you can do instead is to focus on and visualize characteristics like confidence, safety, passion, and happiness, which can bring love into your life.

The general idea to hold onto when trying to make use of this law is to focus on beliefs that attract and affect necessary behavior. Wish for mindfulness, motivation, self-consciousness, strength, and all the necessary qualities that are needed to bring your desires to life.

Some Tips for Putting the Law into Practice

closer to success
Taking up the law of attraction might be difficult in the beginning. However, don’t give up and think about the positive things it can bring into your life.

You can start by creating a dedicated journal where you can write down thoughts, emotions, and desires that bring you closer to success. This can help you recognize thinking patterns that bring you forward and such that tend to lead to negative experiences.

Furthermore, look to practice positive thinking and visualization at least once a day. Later on, the law of attraction will become a part of you and you will get used to doing it all the time without even knowing.

Final Words

The law of attraction is a powerful idea that can change your life for the better.

We presented you with a brief introduction to the principles, uses, and pitfalls to serve as your first steps in getting acquainted with the law. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people and see how fast you can start being much happier, productive, and prosperous.

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