Khloe Kardashian Speaks Up About Body Image & Plastic Surgery

Celebrity model and socialite Khloe Kardashian has been in the news lately for some beauty controversies. From speculations that she posts photoshopped images to rumors about multiple plastic surgeries, a lot was said about Khloe’s choices.

However, the celebrity has addressed all the allegations and has put the rumor mill to rest. Here is everything that has gone down over the past few months.

Khloe’s Photoshop Controversy and Her Response on Instagram

It all started with a slightly unflattering photo of Khloe doing rounds on the internet. This picture was then taken down, allegedly upon Khloe’s request. Then came an onslaught of rumors and critique. Netizens accused and criticized her for posting photoshopped images to make her body look perfect.

However, in a big comeback to shut down the haters, Khloe hosted a live session on Instagram. In this live video, she flaunted her toned body. The actress showed her body from various angles on video. She proved that all the images of her muscular figure are, in fact, unedited.

Khloe also shared an explanation for taking down the image that sparked this controversy. In a heartfelt post, she disclosed how she has suffered from body image issues. She said that many of these insecurities were a result of living with the label of the ugly or fat Kardashian.

Khloe then went on to say that because of these body image issues, she found it within her rights to request the removal of an unflattering image. Khloe takes pride in her toned body and did not want it misrepresented by that image. This tell-all post received love and support from her fans, who left uplifting comments for Khloe.

How Many Plastic Surgeries Has Khloe Kardashian Had?

Another rumor about Khloe Kardashian is that the celeb has undergone various plastic surgeries. She addressed these rumors on a television show recently and confirmed that she has only had a rhinoplasty. She said that despite this, she receives flak for changing her entire face with plastic surgery.

Khloe said that she never addressed these false speculations because no interviewer asked her about them. The gorgeous Kardashian sister also has some fillers but said that Botox doesn’t work for her.

For celebrities who are constantly in the limelight, such rumors and criticism can get rough. We hope that fans realize that stars have their absolute right to do what they want with their photos or bodies, just like we do! We should all respect their choices too.

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