Kendall Jenner’s Struggle of Overcoming Brutal Acne

In a recent heart-to-heart conversation with sister Kylie Jenner, model and fashion icon Kendall Jenner opened up about her struggle with acne as a teenager. This conversation was a part of the Get Ready With Me Series hosted by sister Kylie on her YouTube channel.

Kendall recollected the time when she was struggling with acne in her ninth grade. She said that the bumps were visible all over her face, but Kylie always told her that she looked beautiful.

This sweet anecdote not only reveals the strong bond between the Jenner sisters but also normalizes acne for millions of teenagers struggling with this common skin concern. In fact, this is not the first time that Kendall Jenner has spoken about her acne. She had earlier embraced her bumps while attending the Golden Globe Awards in 2018.

Other Celebrities Who Embraced Their Acne

Kendall is not the only youth icon to have bravely displayed her acne on social media. Several celebrities have taken to social media over the past couple of years to show their real skin. Riverdale Star Lili Reinhart tops the list with her Instagram stories about cystic acne. The actress admitted to her followers that she struggles with cystic acne and also shared her favorite clay mask to tackle the same.

Chrissy Teigen, Rihanna, and Hillary Duff are some of the other celebs who have shared unfiltered pictures of their acne. In an interview with a magazine, Rihanna shared that she avoids alcohol and drinks more water whenever her skin breaks out. She also recommended applying lipstick to draw attention away from the acne.

Male Celebrities Who Spoke Out About Acne

Even male celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon of embracing their real skin. Justin Bieber shared pictures of his acne and even claimed that “Pimples are in” in an Instagram story. Social media celebrity Ethan Dolan has also shared his acne story and criticized those who bullied him over his skin.


From supermodels to Hollywood stars, nobody is untouched by acne. Finally, they are talking about it! Celebrities opening up about their skin concerns and flaunting their real skin is a welcome change from airbrushed photos.

For years, skin smoothening filters and airbrushed images of stars have set unrealistic skin expectations for their followers. Hence, it is refreshing to see the newer generation of celebrities embracing their real skin with all the imperfections. So, if your acne has been stressing you out, know that you are not alone. While healthy skin is achievable, completely flawless skin is an unrealistic expectation, even for celebrities!

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