Katie Sobelman’s 7 Step Skincare – Learn the Correct Layering Order

Gone are the days of one-and-done moisturizers. Everyone likes a multi-step skincare routine now. If you are into skincare, you too must have various serums, toners, and oils in your vanity. But do you know how to layer these skincare products in the correct order? Our beauty blogger of the week, Katie Sobelman (@the_organic_esthetician), can help you figure it out with her experience as a licensed esthetician.

Katie has years of experience in the domain of skincare and has worked at various salons and spas. She also has a keen interest in organic skincare. Combining her experience with her passion, she started her blog “The Organic Esthetician,” where she educates her audience about the different aspects of skincare.

Katie’s 7-Step Skincare Routine – The Correct Layering Order

1. Toner

After cleansing the face, Katie recommends all skin types must use toner. She suggests a toner that is hydrating and pH-balancing. Such a formula will prep your skin for the rest of your skincare products to work more effectively.

2. Water-Based Serums

Water-Based Serums
After toning, then any water-based serum. These need to be applied before any facial oils because of their thinner consistency. Katie recommends selecting the right active ingredients as per your skin concerns. She also suggests using different serums on different parts of the face, if needed.

3. Facial Oils

After water-based serums, go in with a layer of your favorite facial oil. This step will seal all the hydrating serums in place and protect the skin barrier. Some of Katie’s favorite oils include rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and squalane.

4. Eye Cream

The next step in Katie’s skincare regimen is an eye cream. She says that you can choose an eye serum or cream depending on how dry your under-eye region is. You can also layer multiple eye products following the thinnest to thickest rule.

5. Moisturizer

After applying eye cream, Katie suggests applying moisturizer all over the face. She says that a good moisturizer should contain a mix of humectants, emollients, and ceramides to hydrate, soften, and strengthen the skin. She recommends moisturizers with antioxidants during the day and skin-renewing ingredients at night.

6. Lip Balm

Lip Balm
Our lips have some of the most delicate skin on the face. Katie Sobelman says we should never forget lip products during our skincare routine. For this step, she recommends products that plump up, protect, and hydrate the lips.

7. Sunscreen

The last step of your morning skincare routine should always be sunscreen. Katie says that you may skip the other steps like facial oil, but sunscreen is essential. You can even apply it directly over a facial oil for a minimalist skincare routine.

Hopefully, Katie’s tips will help you layer skincare correctly going forward. To know more about her skincare favorites, check out her full blog post on her official page.

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