Jaimie Tucker Hair Care Tips – How to Take Care of Long Hair

When you have lengthy locks, you would need to take a lot of time and effort to maintain it. Hair Care would be more demanding compared to shorter tresses. Long hair is more prone to tangles, especially if it is color-treated or fine.

Beauty blogger Jaimie Tucker (@jaimie_tucker) knows this all too well. For several years, her hair has always been long and color-treated, which means that she can be picky with the hair products she uses.

Jaimie is a busy mom of two little girls. Before blogging and brand collaborations, she delved into having TV experiences, a modeling background in the fashion and beauty world, and an MBA education. In her blog, she shares different stylish “hacks” that help her feel and look her best.

Jaime’s Tips for Long Hair

For years, Jaimie has spent hundreds of dollars on shampoos and conditioners that only make her hair fall flat. Now, she has found the perfect products that work for her long hair. They work for her hair type and have solved her hair care concerns. 

Here are the kinds of products Jaime swears by:

1. Hair Vitamins

Jaime takes beauty gummies daily. By doing this, she provides her body with extra nutrients. Her nails and hair benefit from this as they have grown healthier and stronger. 

2. Hair Mask

A moisture mask for your hair can be the perfect way for you to show it some extra love. Deep conditioning treatments are great for fine hair. 

3. Soft Hold and Volume Hair Spray

A soft hold and volume hair spray can give you a structured and tousled look that still allows for a lot of hair movement. 

4. Hair Detangler

A hair detangler smoothes your knotted and tangled hair when it is wet. When you apply this, your hair can be well-prepped for drying and styling. 

5. Toning Shampoo

Jaimie has highlighted hair, so she uses a toning shampoo. The right one will wash your hair nicely and leave it bright, smooth, and fresh. 

6. Toning Conditioner

Like the toning shampoo, a toning conditioner is equally important for color-treated hair. Choose a conditioner that detangles your hair and also leaves it fresh and bright. 

7. Heat Protectant Spray

Even if Jaimie has naturally wavy hair, she still uses a curling iron and blow dryer to polish her look. With this, she uses a protectant spray to shield her hair from heat styling. By doing this, her hair maintains its health. 

You can read Jaimie’s full post here on jaimetucker.com!

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