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Life changes so fast in these modern times.

While things are changing, it is so easy to feel left behind or even bogged down in the minor things that may make you feel stuck in life.

Often referred to as a “Midlife Crisis.” However, we prefer the term “life pivot” to have people craving to change elements of their life to gain new perspectives, experiences, and ways, but also as a way of leaving some of the aspects of life that leave them uncomfortable, behind.

A “life pivot” overhaul does not have to be during the midlife period in your life! Change can be brought around at any time in life for so many reasons, including:

  • To be more positive
  • To improve their quality of life
  • To create a more goal-orientated life
  • To have a more actionable life
  • To gain new experiences and learning
  • To get rid of the elements of life that no longer serve you
  • To be more of a holistic person

The 30 days stated is the amount of time it takes to either create a new habit or break an old one. It takes this time (approximately!) for your body and mind to understand the changes you are making with the authentication you are giving them by repeating, or not repeating, the similar things to either make or break the habit.

Simple psychology states that many people will struggle to make or break new habits or routines when they are not consistent with the actions they are trying to do. 

The most important thing you can do to achieve a complete life overhaul is committing to the changes you want to make and stick to them!

Positive life changes will bring around a more positive life mindset!

Areas of Life You Can Overhaul

When you think about how many areas of life there are, you can begin to see that even the most minor positive changes can start to have a ripple effect on other areas of your life. This can provoke some changes that you didn’t consciously intend to make but happened as a result of changing one specific area of your life.

So what are these areas, and what can you do to improve them?

Health and Wellbeing

Certain things can trigger someone into wanting to make a change to their physical health and wellbeing, such as:

  • A health scare
  • Feeling restricted in your own body
  • Seeing a loved one suffer from poor health
  • An accident
  • Feeling demotivated

And while you don’t necessarily need to be in poor health yourself to make the change to want to improve your health, making minor positive changes to your diet, nutrition, and physical activity will all work towards improving your physical attributes, such as weight, mental clarity, and the overall feeling of wellbeing.


Making a drastic change in your career can come from many things, including feeling unhappy in your current position or organization, feeling like you have exhausted every avenue with the job you have, or simply wanting a fresh start in a brand new career niche.

A career change is a common area that people want to overhaul when looking to improve their lives, especially if they feel some element of restriction with their current position.

The best advice here: If this is ringing true with you, make sure you are financially secure during the change. The last thing you need on top of taking a huge step with a drastic career change is finding you are putting other things at risk by not being adequately prepared, such as home and car repayments.


It is true to say that some relationships are built to last a lifetime, and there are bound to be some people you know who have achieved a lifetime commitment together.

However, on some occasions, relationships need an overhaul to rediscover the connection you once had and remind yourselves of the good things you have experienced together, which are elements of a relationship that can get lost along the way.

There are some great things you can consider implementing that can give your relationship a new lease of life, such as:

  • Revisiting your favorite place together
  • Openly talking to one another
  • Date days that are non-negotiable events
  • Spending quality time together
  • Taking some time away

Revamping your relationship can bring a whole new feel to a relationship where the magic has been misplaced among the day-to-day routine, especially if you have children! Take some time and think of ways, such as those above, that can overhaul the relationship to another level.

Doing Things Outside Your Comfort Zone

Outside Your Comfort Zone
When you feel a little stuck in life, whether that be the “Groundhog Day” routine you are facing or simply that you may not get out and do the things you want to do due to time constraints and heavy work schedules. Doing something outside your comfort zone will bring a new perspective to your life!

Choosing to do something that doesn’t ordinarily sit within your comfort zone, that is, doing something that you are a little precautious of doing, will provoke so many good feelings in your life!

When you opt to do something you’ve never done, it can give you such a rush of endorphins, which are proven to provide you with a better mood! Not only that, you will be broadening your learning and increasing your life experiences, which can lead to doing more things outside your comfort zone once you realize that new doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

Reducing Stress

Reducing stress is a significantly colossal area when people look to overhaul their life in a short space of time.

Stress is one of those elements of life that is unnecessary, but we learn to manage different levels of stress as human beings, depending on the situation.

The feeling of stress is something that denotes pressure or the sense of urgency in a particular situation, but there are ways to reduce your stress levels to work towards overhauling your life in 30 days, such as:

  • Taking your allocated leave from employment
  • Making sure you take care of yourself
  • Moving away from social media for dedicated times of the day
  • Writing lists to make sure you are organized
  • Removing yourself from situations that don’t concern you
  • Stepping away from negativity

Go Hard or Go Home?

Go Hard or Go Home
When it comes to making the changes in your life to bring a positive benefit, do you go big and hard with the decisions in an “All or nothing” kind of way? Or do you take multiple smaller steps in the right direction when working towards that bigger goal?
Some things to consider as to which option of decision making may be for you include:

Are you making the decision alone? – This may be a factor worth noting, as if a decision only affects you, you may be more inclined to go with the “All-In” option. However, if you have family or friends that may be affected by an all-in decision, then you may opt for the gradual journey towards the eventual goal.

Are your expectations reasonable? – This is about the “Goal” of the life overhaul; is it realistic in the amount of time you have available or the amount of time you have set yourself? Is it a reasonable goal at all? We all have dreams and aspirations for sure, but the one thing that will make any life changes a failure is an unobtainable goal! Life changes should be realistic to the point where you know you can get there and achieve that holy grail of change.

Do you need assistance? – Sometimes, when a big life choice is involved, we may need assistance from friends and family to help us achieve those goals or any achievement milestones along the way.

However, other resources can be beneficial if you are looking for guidance, inspiration, or assistance from someone else who may have an impartial opinion on your life changes.

Sometimes, friend’s and family’s opinions will be weighed with concern, care, and worry, and that may influence your overall decision.

Sources of information, inspiration, and assistance could be from:

  • Life coaches
  • Mindset mentors
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Online groups
  • Social media
  • Guidance therapists


There is so much inspiration available all over the world that can help you get to the place you need to be to make some positive changes in your life and give it a complete overhaul.

The ultimate goal of a life change is to do just that; make a change! And this can be in the form of making or breaking a habit, which usually takes around 30 days of making or breaking consistently before your psychology will understand it as normal and learned behavior.

Take your time to plan correctly what you want to achieve in your life overhaul and make sure the target goal is achievable, either with an instant change or a more gradual and smaller-goal approach to reaching the target.

Anything that seems unachievable will generally be just that, and this will have you quitting your mission altogether.

  • Be realistic.
  • Be strong.
  • Be positive.
Make the changes to overhaul your life in 30 days!

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