Skincare Blogger Gio Shares Her Best Tips to Prevent Smile Lines

Choosing the right skincare products while avoiding marketing gimmicks can be an arduous task. That’s why skincare blogger Gio (@beautifulwithbrainsofficial) has made it her mission to help her readers discover skincare gems that are effective and backed by science.

Gio is a London-based skincare blogger and coach who helps men and women build their skincare routines with effective products. She says that she has made her share of skincare mistakes in the past, and it was when she turned towards science that her skin began to improve. Her blog is aptly titled “BeautifulWithBrains” because she uses this platform to talk about the science behind skincare.

Gio’s Science-Backed Tips to Prevent and Treat Smile Lines

In one of her recent blog posts, Gio talks about smile lines, a common skin concern for aging women. She mentions that smile lines are a result of repeated facial movements that happen when we smile. This leads to collagen and elastin loss in the skin around the mouth, and it begins to fold and wrinkle, leading to smile lines.

Here are Gio’s top tips to prevent and get rid of smile lines as your skin ages:

1. Wear Sunscreen Daily

Gio says that sunscreen is an excellent anti-aging product because it protects the skin from the damage caused by sun rays. The UV rays from the sun can lead to premature aging and collagen loss, which can cause smile lines around your mouth. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day is an excellent way to keep the smile lines at bay.

2. Use an Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidant Serum
Yet another way to prevent smile lines is to add an antioxidant serum to your skincare routine. She says that antioxidants can effectively combat free radical damage caused by sunlight and pollution, which leads to aging.

She recommends using a cocktail of different antioxidants to fight different free radicals. Some of her favorites include Ferulic Acid, Green Tea, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.

3. Add Retinoids to Your P.M. Routine

Retinoids are another class of skincare products that Gio recommends to prevent and treat smile lines. Retinoid is an umbrella term for products that contain some form of Vitamin A in the formulation. Retinoids encourage faster cell renewal, boost collagen production, and fight against free radical damage. Retinoids come with a triad of benefits.

4. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Gio also recommends moisturizing your skin multiple times a day to prevent and reduce smile lines. Well-hydrated skin is plump and supple, which diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So, keep a moisturizer handy to make your skin soft and wrinkle-free!

Apart from these skincare tips, Gio also recommends lifestyle changes like avoiding smoking to prevent smile lines.

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