Home DIY – Which Jobs to Tackle and Which to Leave to the Pros!


Just one or two decades ago, people used to call a professional for even the tiniest issues in their homes. From painting and tiling to assembling furniture, everyone used to turn to an expert. Nowadays, thanks to the vast information and tutorials on the internet, people start to tackle more and more ambitious projects.

Anyone interested in taking up a DIY project for their home can easily find a ton of information with how-to guides. Besides, there are thousands of different forums where people from all over the world share their experiences and offer tips and solutions to each other. Chances are, someone’s already faced the issue you’re currently struggling with and can give you a heads up.

Home DIY has never been easier! Read along to find out which jobs you can easily tackle by yourself and which to leave to the professionals. However, if you’re renting, make sure you check with your landlord for approval before deciding to start with a new project.

Jobs That You Could Easily Do Yourself

There are numerous DIY projects you can take up to freshen your home and make it more stylish. Some of the best sources of information include online courses, YouTube videos, and forums. Nevertheless, the nearby hardware store can always give you a hint and provide you with all the necessary materials and instruments.

1. Painting

Painting is a brilliant option if you’re first starting with DIY. It’s easy to do and inexpensive but can have stunning results that could bring a new life to your room. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, it’s simple and straightforward to fix. If you’ve decided to freshen up the paint of your walls, there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure success.

Plan your approach and decide on which walls you’d like to paint. While you can paint the whole room, you can also add an accent wall by painting one of the walls in a different color. This approach can have eye-catching results and will also take less time.

Choose a color based on the room and your existing furniture and accessories. For a bedroom, the most suitable colors are blue and green because they make you calmer and more relaxed. On the other hand, red is a more lively color that may give you a hard time falling asleep.

The next thing is to prepare all necessary materials and protect your floor and furniture from getting damaged. Now, you’re ready to start painting!

2. Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing Hardwood Floors
Refinishing your floor can be a bit more challenging and demanding. Nonetheless, everyone can do it if they take their time and put in the effort.

For this project, you’ll need a floor buffer that you can rent from a shop or a friend. You’ll also want to use a respirator to protect you from the dust.

Start by cleaning the floor and prepping the perimeter of the room where the buffer can’t reach. Then take your time with the buffer, and remember to keep it moving at all times. After buffing, wait for 15 minutes for the dust to settle, and clean the floor with a vacuum and a mop. Once everything dries out, you’ll be ready to finish the floor.

3. Tiling

Tiling is the next thing that almost everyone can handle. If you’re a beginner, pick up smaller tiles that are no bigger than 300x600mm. Draw a plan of the area you’ll be working on and decide where the tiles will go. Dry lay the tiles to ensure you have the correct number and are happy with your choice. Place the tiles carefully to avoid uneven joints and wait at least 24 hours before grouting.

Jobs That You’re Better Off Leaving to the Pros

Despite our efforts and readability, there are some jobs that you should avoid and are better off calling a professional.

1. Anything Electricity Related

Electricity is exceptionally hazardous even for people who know what they are doing. Replacing light bulbs is fine, but anything more than that has the potential to bring a lot of damage to your health and home. There’s a risk of electrical shock as well as provoking a fire.

2. Major Plumbing Jobs

Major Plumbing Jobs
Fixing a small leak is often easy to handle. However, floods, major drain clogs, and anything alike should only be a professional’s job. There are many intricacies in the plumbing field that must be taken into account. Besides, not connecting a pipe or a hose properly might mean flooding your home.

3. Appliance Repair

Appliance repairs also pose many risks. You still have the hazard of electrocution and starting a fire. Additionally, you might break your appliance irreparably that may void the warranty, and cost you a lot of money. Nonetheless, when hiring a technician, you should look for someone qualified and certified to do the job.

Make the most out of your appliances by cleaning them inside-out along with any containers, rubbers, and gaskets.

4. Roofing and Anything Else Involving Heights

Roofing and other projects involving heights may lead to falls and injuries. Yearly, thousands of patients are admitted with complicated and debilitating fractures because of falls. Nonetheless, the task itself is very demanding and has tons of details and specifics that you would have to take into account.

Final Words

The list of DIY projects that you can start today is endless. Nowadays, with the internet and readily available materials and instruments, anyone can take up DIY and find a ton of pleasure in it.

Painting, tiling, refining floors, and working on your furniture are just some of the things you can try out. Start with something simple, and as you hone your skills, you can invest in even more demanding projects.

However, make sure you avoid anything that poses a risk to your health and home at all costs. Hire an expert instead. Additionally, always bear in mind that this is a general guideline, and when in doubt, you should always call a professional to help you handle the situation.

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