10 All-Time Best Haircuts For Frizzy Hair


We dread styling our frizz-prone hair, don’t we? There are stray strands of hair jeopardizing our slicked-back style, flyaways peeking out of sky-high ponytails, and regardless of how much time we spend working on it, our hair springs back to a frizzled mess almost immediately.

We know that frizz can be due to a lack of moisture in our hair, but is there a solution to this annoying problem that doesn’t include chemical-ridden salon treatments or over-drying heat-styling tools?

The answer is yes! Opt for one of these 10 super-stylish haircuts that make frizzy hair easier to manage and help you achieve your desired look.

1. The Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut
This is a great option for those with fine frizzy hair. It’s a low-maintenance cut that can be styled in different ways – from sleek and straight to tousled and messy.

2. The Curly Pixie Cut

Curly Pixie Cut
If you have curly hair but want to go short, this is the right style for you. It can be left to dry naturally with just the addition of a little gel to define the curls.

3. The Straight Bob

Straight Bob
This type of classic bob is a good idea if you have poker-straight hair and want a no-fuss cut that frames your face nicely. Applying a smoothing balm will keep any flyaways at bay.

4. The Curly Bob

Curly Bob
This is a good option if you have curly or wavy hair. Because this style can be air-dried, you won’t experience the extra frizz caused by heat-styling tools.

5. The Long Bob

Long Bob
The long bob, or ‘lob,’ is a brilliant option for those who want to keep the length in their hair. It can be left to air dry, but if you need to use a blow-dryer, a pro-tip is to attach a diffuser, which helps reduce frizz.

6. The Choppy Cut

While similar to the shag, this is good for thicker hair. It helps to thin it out, and because it’s a low-maintenance style, it only requires less frizz-causing handling.

7. The Layered Cut

Layered Cut
This is a good option if you have thick hair. The layers will help thin out your locks and make them smoother and easier to style.

8. The Asymmetrical Cut

Asymmetrical Cut
An asymmetrical cut is always a good idea if you want to add some dimension and interest to your look while taming the frizz at the same time.

9. The Tapered Cut

Tapered Cut
This is another excellent option for those with thick frizzy hair as it reduces bulk, making it easier to style.

10. The Shag Cut

This classic hairstyle is perfect for those with frizzy hair that is on the thinner side. It’s a low-maintenance cut that is easy to style in many ways.


If you want to get rid of the frizz while rocking a great new style, there are lots of options available! It’s always an excellent idea to talk to your hairdresser before taking the plunge, as they’ll know what works best for your face shape and hair type. They’ll also be able to help you choose a style that is low maintenance and give advice on the best hair products to keep you frizz-free!

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