Hailey Bieber Is Working on Her Own Beauty Brand!

Hailey Bieber has been recently hinting that she would be joining the beauty and wellness industry. Her work would be the newest addition to the growing list of celebrity-backed beauty brands.

In 2019, the model reportedly filed trademarks for “Bieber Beauty.” However, this business endeavor never saw the light of day. The Blast reported that it was because the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office reportedly rejected the trademark. After all, it may be confused with her husband’s (Justin Bieber) trademarked merchandise.

Justin owns a trademark that is named after him. “Justin Bieber” is registered for fragrances, essential oils, body and hair lotion, soaps, and cosmetics. With “Bieber Beauty” filed for beauty and cosmetics products, it may confuse some customers since the two are closely similar.

However, this 2021, Hailey has legally signed documents for rights to “Rhode,” as reported by TMZ. The label is the model’s middle name. Additionally, it is patented to include various beauty and wellness products, such as bath and shower items, personal cleaning products, make-up, haircare, skincare, and fragrances.

Hailey hasn’t confirmed anything yet regarding reports of launching a make-up and beauty brand.

Despite this, “Rhode” may already have an Instagram account on standby. It doesn’t have any posts (as of now), but the account has already garnered over 15,000 followers. In addition to this, the year 2021 is indicated on the account’s description, which may hint that the brand may launch soon.

It’s only natural that Hailey establishes a make-up and skincare brand beyond her modeling contracts. Last year, she shared on her Instagram stories that she has suffered through different skin conditions such as perioral dermatitis, a rash that may look like acne. With this, it can be assumed that her skincare line may be on the gentle side.

Additionally, the model is also fearless when it comes to trying out different beauty trends. Hailey has been seen sporting iridescent purple eyeliner, bleached brows, and pink eyeshadow. Maybe these trends are something her fans can expect out of her make-up line.

As a public figure, she’ll only be one of the celebrities nowadays taking over the beauty industry by launching their lines. Starting a beauty brand isn’t Hailey’s first time delving into the beauty industry.

She has previously launched a make-up collection with an Australian make-up brand. Moreover, she was also the ambassador for a French personal care company. Currently, the model is the face of a make-up and skincare brand.

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