How To Have a Fun Video Call First Date

It’s kind of awkward having a video date with a guy or girl you admire, particularly in your bedroom when you like someone so much but you can’t touch them, hey! 

Some others try and make the date look casual like it’s nothing new to them. Others won’t go on a video date without dabbing concealer under the eyes, running a mascara brush over their lashes, and making the lips look like luscious red fruits. 

Many people in the pandemic have decided to try video dating; they want to look like they are trying, but not too hard. Then the date arrives on the other side, maybe with a drink in hand, and the chatting gets started.

If it all goes well, you might find yourself hoping there will be a second date. Some other time, most likely the same place – you won’t be able to touch in case of spreading the virus! 

Often the date will end when the battery dies. Or maybe one of the matches has fallen asleep!

Introduction to What is Becoming Fun Dating

Some people love this new way of dating because to meet up you don’t have to dress up for a trendy restaurant; you don’t even have to live in the same town. A video chat allows two people to give attention to each other without the typical distractions that restaurants or bars often bring.

If you are dating someone special, but share your home with others, be careful; as one young guy learned the embarrassing way when his mom walked into his room while he was on an X-rated Skype date. He advises that if you share digs, you might need headphones and a room that locks.

Online Dating

Setting up Zoom

  • OK, so a virtual date will require a bit of planning.
  • You could try cleaning up a special corner in your room where you will be Zooming or using FaceTime. Select a backdrop that represents who you are. 
  • Resist the urge to do your Skyping from a bed – it might look like a hook-up type of scenario.
  • For some daters, the idea of hosting a sheer stranger in their home is not their idea of a pleasant date, even if it’s virtual. Some people prefer just doing a Zoom call with a fake background, telling their dating-app dates they might meet up when social distancing is over. 
  • Remember to have all your equipment set up, knowing how it all works before you schedule your date. Zoom does have an online tutorial to help you.
  • Also, remember that the camera goes both ways so you can both see each other. As one senior technology editor David Murphy points out, using Zoom, if you have the free version of the program, it will automatically cut off after 40 minutes.

This offers a built-in escape that you don’t find on other sites – sometimes a welcome escape from someone you don’t like!

Are you going to wine and dine together?

This is a fun way of bringing ordinary life back into the situation; it’s just that it will be online. If you are willing to experiment, you might love the idea of having a virtual dinner with your date.

You can prop the phone or tablet in front of your table, or you can eat in front of a computer using a webcam. And it might be just the thing for you if you are not used to dates via video chatting – you will be busy with your hands and might not need to fill up the silences with talking all the time.

And if you get to like each other a whole lot, you can discuss even cooking the same meal together before you eat it! Some lovely lighting and some romantic music if someone is special can speed this towards a second date!

What should I wear on my date?

Thank goodness for social media and video chat that allows young and old to keep in touch with their dates – lack of real IRL interaction can make people long for keeping in touch and seeking out new potential love interests. Now you’ve met a gorgeous date, and you are going to meet on a video date – the big question is what to wear? Remember that a virtual first impression is just as real as an IRL first impression.

Dressing for a virtual date takes patience, practice, and panache. For a first meeting, it’s better to be casual rather than over-the-top smart and formal.

Examples for guys

  • Polo shirt with a zip-top
  • Simple cotton T-shirt and fitted sweatshirt
  • Rugby shirt
  • Striped or floral shirt

For girls

  • Glamour does a good job; maybe a romantic blouse with statement sleeves
  • Lean on some good feminine textures such as ruffles for soft romantic vibes. 

Well, 40 minutes have gone by and you have done all the prep work – you believed you looked really good for your video call date. But is there going to be a second date?


When going on a video date, you also need to prepare for it. Be glamorous. For women, little makeup can make you look better on the camera. For boys, you will look best in a plain white shirt or polo shirt and brushed hair.

Follow these 8 ‘rules’ on your first date, and we can almost be sure you will get a second date!

Remember your body language. Good posture will radiate confidence and also good eye contact. 

It’s quite cool to subtly mirror your date’s body language. It makes the other person feel more relaxed and comfortable with you. If they lean back, lean back too, but don’t do it every time! 

Positivity is big. Nobody wants to be showered with negative phone messages, right? And so, it is with video chatting. If it’s all negative stuff, like complaining about your day, complaining about past relationships, and drama, it just puts a damper on the date. Positive and happy people attract people to them like magnets.

Don’t forget the headphones. If you have headphones, it is a good idea to use them. Sometimes when you rely on built-in speakers and microphones, you can encounter irritating feedback, which might make you both end the conversations for lack of hearing properly.

No gum chewing. Just watching and listening to someone chewing is a big turn-off; it kind of looks slovenly with a don’t-care-attitude; some people kind of half carry on chewing while they are talking! Not attractive.

Don’t stare at yourself or fidget. Because you can see yourself, you keep on looking at yourself, how you look, how you are coming across – rather try and remove this feature from your screen. And fidgeting can distract everything.

Don’t panic at the thought of “awkward” silences. Most conversations have a natural flow, and even moments of silence can be part of that flow. Don’t just blurt out stuff to fill up the spaces. Focus on what your match is saying, using that to move the conversation forward, asking interesting questions as if you are connecting. End the chat while things are going great like you are looking forward to the next time.

We hope the above good advice means you will have the tools you need for your second date and the third until you meet each other in person. Remember, “anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart” – Anon.

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