3 Exciting Beauty Influencers You Should Never Miss to Follow

In the digital age, it’s easier than ever to stay connected. With websites and apps like Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube, sharing content is fast and easy.

Beauty influencers and those who follow these beauty sensations are one demographic that has proven how effective online communication is. You’ll find thousands of these influencers and their fans across various platforms, promoting different products and brands. They give their followers lifestyle advice, advocate for current events, and promote self-esteem.

But that’s not all that beauty influencers provide. Many of them have used their productive spirit to present high-quality cosmetic products.

So, who are some beauty influencers you should be looking out for? Here are 3 influencers who are taking some products to exciting new heights.


Who Are They?

Although she first began work in the finance industry, Huda Kattan launched her own beauty company in 2013 after starting her blog in 2010. After attending a prestigious beauty school and partnering with her sisters Alya and Mona, and catching the eye of several A-list celebrities, Huda’s entrepreneurial dreams flourished with the launch of her brand.

What Are They Doing?

You can find Huda Beauty on Instagram as well as on YouTube, where you can watch her product reviews, tutorials, and beauty hacks. She updates both accounts regularly, so you never have to wait long for new content.

Recently, Huda introduced a new foundation stick with 39 shades that will go with any skin tone. She also announced a new eyeshadow palette, which will be available on November 1st.

Huda beauty

Makeup by Mario

Who Are They?

Mario Dedivanovic, better known online as Makeup by Mario, is a makeup artist best known for working with celebrities, including Kim Kardashian. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @makeupbymario, as well as at The Masterclass, where you can learn makeup tips and tricks from Mario himself.

What Are They Doing?

Mario Dedivanovic has been a part of the beauty influencer community since long before online beauty influencers became an integral part of the online beauty community. Today, some of his clients include Demi Lovato, Salma Hayek, and Jennifer Lopez.

In 2020, Mario began his makeup collection. In recent weeks, he has been introducing new makeup items consisting of stunning colors.


Who Are They?

Cristine Rotenburg, also known as SimplyNailogical, is a YouTuber best known for her nail art tutorials. You’ll be able to find her on Instagram as well.

You’ll recognize Cristine by her comedic style. If you’re looking for beauty tips that will also make you laugh, SimplyNailogical is the place to go. She also posts product reviews on her YouTube channel, so be sure to check out her page and see if she’s reviewed something you’re considering buying.

What Are They Doing?

Cristine has been hard at work posting regularly on her YouTube channel. But that’s not all she’s been working on.

In early 2019, Cristine released her collection of nail polish. Since then, she has been introducing new items, including a polish she presented this month in honor of her birthday.

Follow Cristine’s YouTube and Instagram pages for nail hacks, product reviews, and content that is sure to make you laugh.


When it comes to beauty, there are many brands and influencers out there. Beauty influencers who present certain products often allow us glimpses into their lives, so we can feel good supporting people we care about when we purchase beauty products.

Be sure to check out these 3 beauty influencers, as well as the most recent products for tips, tricks, and high-quality products that work.

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