What’s the Meaning of Make-Up in the TV Series ‘Euphoria’

The second season of the popular television show Euphoria dropped recently and caught the attention of makeup enthusiasts like wildfire! The cast of this show, which includes Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, and Alexa Demie, don some artsy and ethereal makeup looks. Generous use of rhinestones and chunky glitter mixed in with colorful liners and eye shadow defines Euphoria makeup. This fantastical take on makeup has certainly struck a chord with Gen Z. As a result, people across the globe are recreating looks from the show.

Here is what the Euphoria makeup trend is all about and how you can get on board!

What Does Euphoria Makeup Mean?

From glitter tears to represent anguish to a rhinestone-studded face for a dream sequence, Euphoria makeup is magical. Even Gothic looks get a fantastical twist with a touch of shimmery silver and tiny rhinestones.

But do not be fooled into believing that Euphoria makeup is only about glitter. Jules’s character, played by Hunter Schafer, sports graphic colorful eyeliner in most scenes. Not only is the pop of color eye-catching, but the pattern and placement of eyeliner in every scene are unique. Similarly, the generous use of colorful eyeshadow is something we can all incorporate into our everyday looks.

Euphoria Makeup Artist Is About To Launch Her Brand!

Thanks to the massive fan following of her artistic looks on the show, Euphoria makeup artist Donni Davy is all set to launch her own makeup line this spring. You can expect the first drop to be all about eyes and lips, but Donni also wishes to explore base makeup in the future. Moreover, this makeup range is not just going to cater to the lovers of creative makeup but also regular makeup wearers.

In an interview, Donni mentioned that she is bringing out a shade range that has something for everyone. So, even if you are not into vibrant colors, you will find shades in the collection that you might enjoy. Further, Donni’s vision includes making seemingly artsy colors wearable for everyone. To achieve this, she plans to bring out colorful products in textures that fit seamlessly into everyday looks. These products may encourage those who usually stick to neutrals to play with more color.

Overall, Euphoria is expanding the horizons for creative and colorful looks that are always fun. So, perhaps it is time to ditch the browns and pinks and experiment with glitter and bright shades!

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