5 Best Essential Beach Accessories for the Summer


The summer has arrived! Finally, some sunshine and beach days are here!

We often focus on beachwear such as the swimsuit and a towel, but what we forget is how some cleverly chosen accessories can really make a beach outfit something exceptional!

Adding accessories to an existing beach outfit adds that extra special touch to your look and provides some practical uses for the accessories, such as hats for sun protection and beach bags for carrying all of the essential items while you are on the beach.

So let’s have a look at how we can add a little practicality, protection, and a whole lot of pizzazz to our summer beach wardrobe and how to get the best looks out of your summer beach days!

1. Sunglasses


Advice: Choose a Mid-Range and High UV Protection

There is no doubt that sunglasses need to be top of the list for beach accessories!

Sunglasses provide crucial UV protection to your eyes on those bright summer days, as well as protecting your eyes from sand and debris that catches in the summer breeze.

You will find so many fashionable designs for sunglasses that can be bought from any shopping center, so you can grab a couple of pairs that match your beach outfits without breaking the bank!

You can expect to pay minimal amounts to thousands for a pair of sunglasses! But the best advice is to find a nice, middle-range pair with adequate UV protection, as well as a style that matches your outfit, or one that will match everything in a timeless and universal style!

Think aviator, tortoiseshell rims, and even a 60’s style cat-eye shape for the ultimate impact!

The most important thing you are looking for is the certified UV protection label in the lenses that gives you the level of protection to your eyes via the lenses. The higher the number, the better the protection!

2. Cover-ups

Best Advice: Choose a Mid-Range, Sheer, and Triangle Shaped

Cover-ups are great for any occasion and something you should always carry with you for those extra hot or extra chilly times!

A beach cover-up is such a versatile accessory to carry with you on those beach days. They provide:

  • Added sun protection
  • A classy addition to make your outfit something special
  • An extra layer of confidence to lightly cover the areas of your body you may not feel comfortable in showing completely
  • Added shade if nothing else is available

You can find cover-ups in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, so you can easily find a cover-up that will match your outfit. They are incredibly compact and easy to carry when not wearing them and do not take up too much space in a beach bag!

Look for a semi-sheer cover-up that will help to keep you cool. A triangular shape will make the cover-up suitable for wearing over your shoulders, around your waist, or even over your head in a bandana style, keeping those areas that can be exposed to the sun a bit more protected and stylish at the same time!

You can pick a cover-up relatively easily from most summer shops or online, and the prices can range from just a few dollars to thousands, so make sure you choose one that suits you the best in a design and color you love!

3. Beach Towels/Mats

Beach Towels/Mats

Best Advice: Choose an affordable, Large Rectangle Shape, Light to Carry

Beach towels and beach mats are those essential items that are so important for beach days but are often forgotten easily!

What you need to be looking out for is multi-use, so it can be used as a beach mat when longing on the beach. Still, it can turn into a suitable towel if you decide to have a dip in the sea or a pool!

For a multi-use towel-come-beach-mat, you will be looking for certain things, such as:

  • Something that can be easily rolled up for easy carrying
  • A material that is highly absorbent to make sure drying is easy and simple
  • A rectangle shape that is big enough to give you some extra space if you were to lay on it
  • A light material that can be carried if it were to get damp from drying

Towels are plentiful in any supermarket, online, or the high street. You can get suitable towels that are big and light enough to carry around easily, as well as grabbing a great design that will compliment your beach outfit.

They are not overly expensive, so there’s no need to break the bank with a costly one that will only get sandy and wet!

4. Tote Bags

Best Advice: Choose a Mid-To-High Range, Flexible Bucket Shape with Clasp/Lock

Tote bags are the most significant essential accessory! Not only because they can bring together a summer beach outfit, but they are the most practical thing to have with you on a beach day to make sure that all of your other accessories are kept together and safe!

A suitable tote bag as a beach accessory needs to be:

  • Light and simple to carry with a large strap so it can be carried by hand or by shoulder easily
  • A material that wipes clean but is durable and robust
  • Think wicker and woven materials
  • A bucket-style shape has a bit of structure with a wide bottom and flexible wall, in case it needs to be stored somewhere small
  • A bag with a security feature can be closed shut so people cannot see inside your bag

You can pick up a great tote bag for your beach days easily online, and the best advice here is to get the best one available within your budget. After all, it will need to be sturdy, well made, and carry all of your other essential accessories and personal effects, so make it the best one you can afford!

5. Hats


Best Advice: Choose a Mid-Range, wide brim, lightweight

Not everyone is a hat person! But, a hat is an essential beach accessory! Not just as a fashion statement, but for sun protection and additional shade on those super hot days too!

The best advice is to choose a wide-brimmed hat that gives you the ultimate sun protection to your face, chest, and neck to make sure that the skin is protected.

You also need to look out for a light and easy hat to wear, in as light a color as possible, so you don’t get too hot underneath! There’s nothing worse than a boiling head, so think woven wicker styles in cream or white color, or even a summer pastel yellow.

Additional consideration may be how easy the hat is to compactly fold without damaging the garment, as you may not be wearing it all the time!

There are so many styles of hats available online these days, so a top tip is to find a hat you love that matches your beach day outfit within your price range. The bigger the brim, the more protection, and glamour it will add to your style!


It’s essential to make sure that all of your accessories have multi-uses! The last thing you want to be doing is carting a whole wardrobe to the beach, “Just in case!”

Accessories are a perfect way to add a bit of beach style to your look while providing you with another practical function, such as sun protection or the security of your belongings.

You don’t have to break the bank on every item with accessories but always go for the best thing that fits your needs and is well within your affordable budget. Don’t scrimp on quality just because it looks good but is useless at everything else, and equally, don’t splurge on one item that has the potential to get dirty and wet!

Have some great beach days this summer, and remember, carry as little as possible but have the most fun!

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