7 Ways On How To Eliminate Laugh Lines

Laugh lines on your face mean you have had a life that consisted of laughter and joy, and that should indeed make you proud. And people no doubt have been drawn to that laughter and joy, themselves deriving pleasure from it. But often, even though they are signs of a joyous life, not all of us want to really reveal our age by the deepness of our laughter lines, do we?

We begin looking for answers to “How to get rid of laugh lines?” There are wonderful therapies and natural solutions that can soften those lines and maybe truly keep your family, colleagues, and friends guessing.

What are laugh lines?

Two leading skincare experts in the skincare industry are Kavita Mariwalla; she’s a top dermatologist in New York. And then there’s Renée Rouleau; she’s a celebrity esthetician and creator of the Renée Rouleau Skincare range. They say that “Smile lines occur due to the natural loss of volume that occurs in the face with age.” 

For some people, noticing that aging is creeping up worries them intensely. They set about looking for effective and often immediate ways to counteract the aging process. We have to remember, though, that to have reached a good age, we would have been fortunate enough to have laughed our way through many wonderful experiences, and the laugh lines paint a picture of all the emotions we’ve felt, the good times we’ve had.

But OK, to get serious about it – laugh lines are a fact of life – all that laughing at your friends’ funny jokes, watching comedy movies, laughing at your kids and pet’s antics, and so on and so on …. Remember when you graduated or got married and how you grinned literally from ear to ear? 

Bet you didn’t know that those smile lines have a name – they are the melolabial folds, and they form part of your facial features. And again, to put it plainly, they are created by facial volume and elasticity that is lost due to aging.

What causes laugh lines?

As we get older, the healthy-looking, youthful curves in the face start to sag, that silhouetted V-shaped face becomes squarer and more bottom-heavy, and along with that, our laugh lines deepen. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about losing volume in our cheeks – it’s called natural aging.

There is good news though, in the form of cosmetic procedures that can soften, maybe even reverse those laugh lines. Certain lifestyle factors could also have contributed towards worsening our laugh lines, such as sudden weight loss or yo-yo dieting.

This depletes the natural collagen stores. Dermatologist, Ronald Moy, MD, says that even though repeated motions of your face will cause smile lines over time, gravity is also what contributes to the loss of elasticity and fat in your face. He reckons that smile lines are actually the toughest to get rid of as we are smiling all the time. He says there is just one type of skincare treatment that will be able to diminish them.

Guess what it is? – In-office treatment with injectable fillers. He also does recommend, though, that if you add more water plus more hydrating foods to your diet, your skin can stay hydrated and be more resilient to give you glowing skin naturally.

Glowing Skin Naturally

Fortunately, we’ve got seven ways on how to get rid of laugh lines:
  • 1. Injectable fillers – They usually contain hyaluronic acid injected into the skin to soften the appearance of the lines, resulting in an immediate and natural result. Then a skincare routine will also be recommended. They can last around 6-12 months.
  • 2. Botox – These are also technically injectable fillers, working in a different way. Botox will weaken the muscles in the area, making lines and wrinkles less noticeable. This is observable already a few days after the procedure. To maintain this though, you will need a treatment every few months, and prices will depend on how much Botox the doctor will use.
  • 3. Surgery – Here, you usually end up with a more permanent solution because, in surgery, the skin gets pulled and tightened, which helps to lessen and get rid of wrinkles! It’s the most expensive option, but it’s really fantastic because you get long-term results and no need for repeat visits.
  • 4. Collagen induction therapy or Micro-needling – A derma-roller is used which pricks your skin to generate new collagen and skin tissue, which will result in smoother, firmer, and toned skin. You would need about four procedures to achieve the best results.
  • 5. Laser treatment – Laser therapy can treat a number of skin conditions in one or more quick outpatient sessions. This includes wrinkles that have resulted from laugh lines. The infrared light energy from the laser gets right down to your skin’s deepest layers, so it can stimulate collagen production, giving your face a younger and fuller appearance.
  • 6. Cosmetic acupuncture – It works by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen. With this treatment, you are training the collagen where to go and, in this case, directly to your face. When you take collagen supplements, with acupuncture, it gets distributed to where the body needs it the most. For heaps of men and women, the sight of fine lines around the mouth is a real area of concern. The technique here is called threading the wrinkle, where the area is filled by stimulating collagen locally with each needle.
  • 7. Chemical peels – A dermatologist applies a chemical solution to your face. When it’s time to remove the chemicals, dead skin gets sloughed off and starts peeling off, leaving the underneath skin free from wrinkles around the mouth, making you look younger and healthier overall.
  • Laugh Line Treatments

    It’s not only women who seek eternal youth in their faces, but men too, and many anxious questions around how to get rid of laugh lines are asked by men and women from all over the world. Let’s tackle a couple of FAQs:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1] Do smile lines make you look old?

    Smile lines are certain types of wrinkles that develop around the sides of your mouth and eyes. You don’t see them on a baby or a young child, so yes, the deeper they are, they are going to give away your age, period, even though they are ‘happy’ wrinkles.

    2] What exercises get rid of laugh lines?

    Here’s a top one from Carolyn’s Facial Fitness: Place your thumbs at your eye corners. Close your eyes, and then slide them away from your eyes toward your temples. Hold this position for around 5 seconds. But don’t worry; there are others to help to tone your face.

    3] What age do laugh lines appear?

    You have had about 30 years to sport plump, beautiful, unlined skin. But from around 30, fine-vertical lines start developing, which are caused by your facial expressions, and they deepen with age.

    4] What filler is best for laugh lines?

    The hyaluronic acid fillers are the best. They’re applied using an injection, filling in the creases.

    5] Is Botox good for laugh lines?

    Yes, it is effective. But it’s a temporary treatment, lasting around 3-6 months, and you will need to get additional treatment every few months.


    There’s no doubt, most people are forever seeking eternal youth, beauty, and health, and that means they ask relevant questions to find solutions. One question – how to get rid of laugh lines is one asked over and over again.

    How can lovely happy times bring about such bummer consequences? Yes, well over time, our genes, time passing by, sun damage, and stress, all contribute to leaving those lingering lines hovering around our mouth and eyes.

    They are the small price we pay for years of having fun and laughing and playing – that’s why we take them, right? Yes, sure, but not many of us really like to embrace them, they become not so funny when people start accurately guessing our age!

    We, humans, do subconsciously determine a person’s age based on the severity of those lines. So keep everyone guessing, nip those laugh and smile lines in the bud with our bevy of deserving solutions, and you might well be the one with the last laugh!

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