5 Easy Steps to Live Eco-Friendly Lifestyle


According to Statista, a market and consumer data company, there were 2.17 million recorded deaths in South Asia in 2019 as a result of air pollution. Pollution and its other types are a consistent threat to health and much more, to Mother Earth.

It is a universal issue. Thus, more and more people are gaining awareness about environmentally-friendly lifestyles by employing greener measures. Studies also show that millennials are more environmentally conscious, and take steps to make the Earth a greener place to live.

Where to Start

To arrest the development of chronic diseases and to save the Earth, people and companies are taking steps to embrace sustainability practices. Companies such as Unilever, Ikea, Panasonic, Adobe, and Yahoo are environmentally-responsible. They exercise green-living activities by only selling energy-efficient bulbs, using natural and regenerable sources for their energy, employing recycling measures, cutting back packaging, and so on.

There are also ‘celebrities known for their engagement in fighting the global climate. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba, and Emma Watson are the most recognized Hollywood people who outwardly protect the planet and inspire others to work collectively together.

Five (5) Easy Steps to Live a Greener Life

Living a greener life starts at home and within ourselves. The following are simple and easy ways to engage in an environmentally-friendly lifestyle:

1. Grocery shopping can be an eco-friendly decision

Grocery shopping
Unfortunately, there remains tons of waste as a result of plastic use when we shop for food. Lessen carbon footprint in buying goods and services by buying local products and goods that grow in season. Purchasing food from local merchants means you buy products that are grown locally and not exported from other distant places.

This helps cut back plenty of resources and minimize air pollution too. Planning your meal and buying in bulk cuts back plastic use and transit. It also saves the most precious thing in the world – time. Don’t forget your reusable bags when going to supermarkets. Also, do not patronize pre-packed fruits or vegetables as they utilize more resources. Many plastics end up in a landfill without being recycled.

2. Sustainable packaging to reduce plastic waste

A survey says that 8 in 10 people are willing to support greener packaging to lessen plastic use. Plastic cups and bottles are one of the most frequently used items in the globe – the majority of them spending 50 years in the landfill.

Be responsible for your plastic footprint by using a reusable bottle (instead of buying over-the-counter); opting for reusable or paper straws over plastic ones; keeping your cutleries; and carrying your cups when buying coffee. Place food items in the shopping bags – or, make use of some space in your backpack.

3. We can be greener in disposing of our waste

The easiest way to contribute to Mother Earth (positively) is to manage household waste ecologically. Dispose off rubbish in an environmentally-sound manner by making compost from food waste; participating in a recycling program; creating a worm bin for quicker decomposition of food scraps; upcycling items to house decor, plants pots, pen holders, etc. Do not throw plastic bags. You can reuse them as shopping bags for the next grocery or utilize them to compartmentalize frozen food items.

When recycling house appliances, ditch them responsibly by contacting professionals for disposing them. Electronic waste contains hazardous chemicals that are not good for health and the environment. The heavy metals in electronic appliances are highly carcinogenic. They end up in landfills undecomposed when they are not recycled properly. When they bury in the soil for a long time, the chemicals may seep through to the groundwater.

4. Make little adjustments in your transportation

Adjustments in your transportation
Transport affects air by emitting all sorts of pollutants – including the most toxic ones. Not only air pollution significantly contributes to climate change, but it also takes a toll on human health. Yes, we all travel. We cannot stop people from going from one place to another. However, there is a more efficient and cleaner way to do it.

Be a responsible commuter by not using transportation (at all). If it’s just a short distance, walk! It is not only good for the environment but your heart too! If your destination is farther, cycle. A bicycle is becoming a popular transportation tool nowadays to get around the neighborhood or to work. Bicycling is not only an eco-friendly traveling option, but it also benefits cardiovascular health. Finally, consider electronic bikes or scooters. They are environmentally-friendly because they are fuel-efficient and lessens carbon emissions.

5. Be green every day

Every single day makes a difference. Always reduce the number of resources you use every day, may it be electricity, water, or fuel. Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. Lessen energy output. Look for energy suppliers that use renewable resources. When washing clothes, clean them at low temperatures and short cycles. Then,line-dry them. Tumble drying uses up a lot of energy (and it is not helping your bills too).

When cooking, use lids. This reduces cooking time. Save water by reporting leaks immediately, and taking short showers. Consider thermos instead of using the kettle for hot drinks. On the other hand, avoid impulsive buying and make use of your old clothes. The textile industry speeds up climate change. Alternatively, you can donate your old stuff and other items to charity shops.


Being eco-friendly in your day-to-day actions is a good thing. First, you are protecting the environment. Second, you are doing yourself a favor. That is, you are eradicating the negative effects of what pollution and wrong waste disposal can do to your health.

Being eco-friendly benefits your finances too. Make it a better living place for future generations. Get involved by raising awareness, joining environmental groups, and volunteering. Mother Earth has been very good to us. It is the only home we have. Act now before it’s too late. Keep Earth beautiful, clean, and green.

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