Nicole Whittle – What Do Cruelty-Free Certifications Mean?

Nowadays, beauty customers are becoming more vigilant and conscious of the products they buy. Some people look for paraben-free items, while some check the label for cruelty-free certifications. But did you know that these certifications are not equal?

Beauty blogger Nicole Whittle (@veganbeautygirl) dissects each cruelty-free certification to find which ones truly stand by their claims. With this, beauty enthusiasts can stay informed and on top of cruelty-free products.

The award-winning blogger behind Vegan Beauty Girl, Nicole, provides ethical, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to your favorite beauty products. She’s been a vegan since 2007, which means that she knows how confusing the beauty industry can be towards vegan and cruelty-free ethics.

Nicole’s Rundown on The Different Cruelty-Free Certifications

According to Nicole, there’s a rise in the number of shoppers getting more concerned about whether the products they buy are cruelty-free. With this, some companies can self-declare that their products are cruelty-free without any accreditations. This action makes certifications important so that the brand’s claims are verified.

Here are the different cruelty-free certifications you should look out for:

Leaping Bunny

This certification by Cruelty-Free International is deemed to be the gold standard. It is the only internationally recognized symbol that assures its customers that the product did not undergo animal tests during its development.

When brands have the leaping bunny logo, it means that the company was audited by an independent organization. Additionally, the commitment is renewed yearly, and the cruelty-free certification is evaluated at a company-level.


Beauty Without Bunnies by PETA is another major cruelty-free certification. With this, brands submit a statement that validates that they’re cruelty-free. The bunny logo has two versions. One with the words “cruelty-free and vegan” and another with just “cruelty-free.” PETA also evaluates at a company-level.

Choose Cruelty-Free

An Australian-based certification, Choose Cruelty-Free is very similar to Leaping Bunny. It requires the parent company to be cruelty-free as well. Additionally, the brand needs to be cruelty-free for at least five years before the certification is granted.

Vegan Trademark

The Vegan Trademark is a logo that guarantees its customers that the product they’re buying is vegan. This means that the product is not made with any animal-derived ingredients and that the product is cruelty-free. This certification does not necessarily mean that the brand is cruelty-free too.

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