Overplucked Eyebrows? Try This Procedure Approved By Chrissy Teigen!

Chrissy Teigen recently admitted to making a rookie mistake in her teens, which was overplucking her eyebrows! A lot of women can perhaps relate to her. Those who succumbed to the pencil-thin eyebrow trend of the nineties probably haven’t recovered their eyebrows to date. Now that bushy or thick eyebrows are back in trend, Chrissy wanted her eyebrows back and recently underwent an eyebrow transplant surgery for the same.

The model and television personality took to social media to update her followers about the procedure. Here is the interesting story behind Chrissy’s eyebrow transformation!

Why Did Chrissy Teigen Go For An Eyebrow Transplant Surgery?

Chrissy is always candid with her followers on social media and discloses all the beauty procedures she opts for. Her recent eyebrow transplant surgery was no exception, and Teigen posted updates after the procedure. She said that she doesn’t like to wear makeup on an everyday basis, the reason she wanted to make her brows permanently thicker. The model also went ahead to admit that her thin eyebrows were a result of overplucking during her teenage years. However, thanks to the eyebrow transplant surgery, she can flaunt thick brows again without any makeup.

Chrissy shared the different stages of her eyebrows right after the procedure and after some time had passed. The results were so spectacular compared to her brows before the transplant that they piqued her followers’ curiosity.

Chrissy’s Surgeon Talks About Her Eyebrow Transplant

Chrissy’s plastic surgeon, Jason Diamond, also reshared her pictures from the procedure. He went on to say that eyebrows impact the aesthetic of the whole face by framing it. An eyebrow transplant is a great option for those who experience natural eyebrow thinning or have overplucked their brows in the past.

In this procedure, the surgeon takes some hair follicles from the client’s scalp and transplants them on the eyebrows. Of course, the target shape and density of the brows are decided beforehand to achieve the desired results. The procedure has minimal side effects like swelling and light bruising that last for up to a week. After a successful procedure, not only would your brows look instantly thicker, but they should ideally continue to grow on their own!

After an eyebrow transplant, you wouldn’t have to spend ten minutes in front of the mirror every day trying to perfect the shape of your brows. And if Chrissy’s eyebrow transplant serves as an example, this seems like a promising procedure that you can try!

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