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Ring in the new year with phenomenal beauty tips that your favorite celebrities swear by! Let’s face it, when it comes to beauty, most of us have spent most of our lives trying to look “effortless.” However, the most important lesson this year has taught us is to “live life because it could all change before you know it.” Well, makeup is finally fun again since everyone wants to experience and explore something different.

Moreover, most of the beauty trends in 2020 are synonymous with the trends back in the 80s. Undeniably, the 80s were fun, daring, and very colorful. That’s what you can expect from the current celebrity beauty trends.

So, who says beauty trends have to end with makeup? Explore because there’s more that you can do. Here are three skincare trends that prove to be highly effective. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Neon liner

Following the popularity of the American TV show, Euphoria, most celebrities have been swapping the basic black eyeliner with neon colors! I know what you’re thinking, “but that’s a bit chaotic.” Well, not exactly since you can make the neon liner look minimalist.

After completing your regular foundation routine, you can draw your neon liner, then add a nude lip gloss and be on your way! Simple yet very effective. Celebrities like Georgia Mayjagger have been going crazy over the trend.

Glass skin

Since the rise of Korean skincare popularity, it’s normal that celebrities would want glass skin like the Koreans. Well, who doesn’t want healthy skin free from defects? Nobody! Most celebrities are following the 11-step routine. It sounds extreme, but the results are completely worth it!


It’s safe to say the Euphoria makeup is here to stay! This trend implies glitter everywhere! Sprinkle it, sis, well— if you want to shine like a diamond, go ahead. However, for the ladies who like simple looks, there’s something for you too. You can add glitter or two at the tip of your eyeliner. Everyone will notice that sparkle!

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