Checkout Go-To Winter Skincare Routine by Beauty Blogger Farwa

For many of us, winter means the onset of dry, dehydrated, or irritated skin. So, we need to upgrade our skincare routine to keep the skin healthy and hydrated in the cold weather. Beauty blogger Farwa (@scienceandskincare) has shared some tried and tested winter skincare tips that work for her dehydrated, combination skin. You can take a leaf from her book to customize your winter skincare routine.

Farwa holds a degree in biochemistry that she utilizes on her blog to educate the readers on skincare. Her website is titled “Science and Skincare,” and is a go-to resource if you want to know how skincare truly works. Farwa has put a variety of skincare products to the test over the years. Her current skincare goals are to hydrate her skin and repair her barrier. Here are the products she vouches for to achieve the same in the winter.

Farwa’s Step-By-Step Guide To Winter Skincare

1. Cleansing Balm

A cleansing balm is Farwa’s pick for washing her face during the winter season. She prefers a balm because it is nourishing and non-stripping. Once rinsed with water, the balm emulsifies to dissolve and remove sweat, oil, and dirt from the skin.

2. Toner

After cleansing, Farwa likes to alternate between exfoliating and calming toners. When she wants to exfoliate, she uses a toner with Glycolic Acid that gently removes dead skin. On the other days, she uses a hydrating toner that soothes her skin.

3. Soothing Mist

Layering soothing and hydrating products work well for dry skin in the winter. Farwa achieves this by using a calming mist with ceramides after her toner. This mist helps to soothe the barrier and keeps irritation at bay.

4. Serum

Farwa’s favorite serum for the winter is a moisturizing one with ceramides. It adds a layer of hydration to the face while strengthening the skin. Plus, ceramides have anti-aging benefits too.

5. Face Oil

To seal the hydration in place, Farwa uses face oil. Her favorite oil contains Squalane that replenishes the skin barrier and makes the skin soft and supple. It also contains soothing essential oils to calm the skin.

6. Moisturizer

For the final layer of moisture, Farwa uses a nourishing face cream. If you have dry and scaly skin in cold weather, opt for a thick moisturizer with a creamy texture. It will keep your skin soft and plump all day long.

May Farwa’s winter skincare routine help you curate your own. For more winter skincare tips, check out her full blog post on

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