Check Out Newly Certified Billionaire Rihanna’s New Fragrance

Pop star Rihanna has been in the news lately for all the right reasons. The gorgeous musician has officially earned the billionaire tag to top all her existing accolades.

Rihanna’s current worth is estimated at $1.7 billion, making her the richest female musician on the planet. However, it is interesting to note that a majority of her wealth doesn’t come from music. Yes, most of Rihanna’s wealth comes through her stake in her cosmetics line. And now, the musician is making even more noise with her latest perfume launch.

After Makeup and Skincare, This Fragrance Launch Is Keeping Rihanna Busy

Rihanna’s makeup line is a massive success, and her recent skincare launches also received a lot of love from her fans. Now, she is ready with yet another fantastic launch, and this time, it is a perfume! The musician has been dropping various updates about her fragrance launch on her personal Instagram page, and her followers are here for it.

On Instagram, Rihanna announced her perfume is now available for early access to customers in the United States. The packaging is as classy as you would expect from the star, with a brown glass bottle that exudes style. Further, the scent takes inspiration from her life and the different cities that played a role in her journey.

The fragrance is an amalgamation of fruity (blueberry and tangerine), floral (magnolia, Bulgarian rose, and geranium), and earthy (patchouli) notes.

According to early birds, the notes shine individually, but it is the beautiful blend that gives depth to the fragrance. It says on the brand website, Rihanna likes to wear the perfume on her chest because it is “all heart.”

Who Doesn’t Want to Smell Like Rihanna?

You can place your bets on Rihanna’s perfume to sell like hotcakes. After all, who doesn’t want to smell like the musical sensation who built a fortune worth a billion with sheer grit? Many people resonate with the sentiment expressed by her follower on Instagram, who commented that she wants to bathe in Rihanna’s perfume.

Moreover, even celebrities seem to all agree that Rihanna smells amazing. In a fun montage video shared by the musician, you can see several Hollywood celebrities vouching for how good Rihanna smells. What else do you need to know that this fragrance will be a great one?

If you have always wondered how the phenomenal Rihanna smells in person, perhaps this new perfume will give you an idea. So, try out this fragrance to smell like a self-made heiress!

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