2023 Bedroom Trends – Latest Look for Beautiful Bedroom


Our bedrooms are designed to be our ultimate relaxation haven, and the bedroom is the one room in the home that you should have precisely the way you want it!

Of course, bedrooms are one of those places that are highly personal to the individual. Still, they can also be designed around their primary functions, which may differ from person to person.

A bedroom is primarily a place we sleep. To provoke great sleeping habits and quality resting hours, we need to ensure that everything in our bedrooms falls in line with inducing a great night’s sleep.

The classic features of a bedroom are simple. The same things occur across the board, such as a bed (obviously!), storage unit, and some sort of central features, such as a dresser or an entertainment unit. However, the style in which we present the whole room gives the space the cozy cohesiveness we all crave in a bedroom.

Some of the best places to find bedroom interior inspiration lies in celebrity articles, trade shows, and websites; however, they are ideas that can be difficult to replicate! So we take those ideas and keep up with interior trends and mold those ideas into ones that fit our lifestyles and budget.

We have taken a huge chunk of the work out of finding the perfect bedroom decor for 2022 by hitting on some popular trends that are up and coming for bedrooms next season, so here are some of the best bedroom interior trends for 2022.


Comfort is everything right now for bedrooms. 

As the weather gets cooler, we love the plush luxury of faux fur and fluffy borg wraps and throws that are huge trends for the upcoming season. You may also be looking into switching your bedding, and brushed cotton is so much cozier for the cooler months.

Regarding comfort on the actual bed, we are looking at the plush and decadent materials for the bed frames, such as natural heavy woods with crushed velvets that bring luxury to your bedroom, not forgetting the best down-filled bounce-back pillows and firm mattresses.

Colors & Patterns

Colors and Patterns
The most significant trends in colors for your bedroom inspiration for the season is either some charming pastel shades of yellow, peach, and orange but coupled with really bold patterns and some serious statements, such as intricate mandala patterns and bold zigzags.

The best inspiration we have found for colors and patterns is to accent one wall in the bedroom as the feature wall with something bold in terms of designs and calm the rest of the room in pastel accents of ochre, lemon, and duck egg blue.

Natural & Sustainable

Bedroom trends have a huge focus right now on using natural fabrics from sustainable sources. 

While this may attract a higher price point when executing the decor of your bedroom interior, it is going to be the one feature that provokes a happy feeling knowing that you have sourced the best and most sustainable soft furnishings for your cozy bedroom.

Fabrics such as lyocell and bamboo are by far the best options. They are sustainably sourced and bring a touch of luxury when they are elements such as bedding, blankets, and even window coverings.


Boho Style

Boho Style
When we are looking at trends for the execution of style in your bedroom, the one that sticks out is boho chic, and the things you need to be including in your bedroom decor for this style is:

  • Clean and crisp white walls and doors/windows
  • Crisp white cotton bedding in sustainable fabrics
  • Wicker and rattan accessories, such as feature vases and frames
  • Lots of natural light with minimalistic window coverings in layered organza

This bedroom style is not for the faint-hearted and potentially not for those who have young children due to the crispness of the white, which may get disturbed by little fingers. Still, it is one of the hottest trends for the season.

Luxe Lighting

There is no better feeling of contentment than relaxing in your bedroom where you can do everything you need to with some clever lighting placements.

Lighting can create specific moods within a room, so it is a massive consideration for trendy bedroom decor.

The trends for bedroom lighting are a bit of an oxymoron this coming season. The 2 that stand out brighter than the rest are hidden multifunctional lighting or bold lighting features, such as lamps, reading lights, and oversized lampshades.

With hidden lighting, we are looking at ways to incorporate functional lighting that is not necessarily obvious to the eyes, such as ceiling lights that sit flush or lighting in the back of bed frames with voice-controlled lighting commands pre-set for specific moods or functions.

On the complete opposite end of the decor spectrum, we are looking at lighting that is the room’s feature, and brass and rose gold seem to be topping the trends for lighting fixtures this season.

Big and bold, the light becomes the room’s focal point and is completely functional. It also looks excellent in either modern or retro lighting styles for your bedroom.


The bedroom decor should always be trendy but individual too!

The bedroom is the one room in your home that should be the most personal, and having everything just the way you want will bring an air of calm and rest.

If you are going to head for bold patterns and colors, be sure to accent these on a feature piece or even a feature wall to make sure you create a balance that provokes a good rest.

Fabrics and layering are huge this season, and this not only covers colors and the kinesthetic element of fabric, but it also comes down to sustainability and even organic fabrics, or those that have been ethically sourced and gently processed in the best way possible.

Overall, your bedroom look should suit you and the vision you have in your head to be comfortable and rested for the coming season.

Make sure you do every bit of designing in line with what your heart desires and throw in a few trendy notes here and there for that extra luxury touch!

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