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It’s actually pretty hard to find a beauty blogger who does things differently these days and we don’t blame any of them just because of the sheer number of “beauty bloggers” on the internet. Looking for fun yet highly relatable content about self-care, living, and of course, beauty? We’re featuring Jenn Im (@imjennim) this week on Skin Formulations.

She ticks all the boxes for us — Pleasant? Check. Creative? Check. Natural? Check. Adventurous? CHECK. Knowledgeable about beauty? CHECK.
Many of us in our late 20s and early 30s would’ve grown up with her when she first came onto the beauty scene as early as 10 years ago, quickly becoming a growing icon amongst the Asian-American community since. Best recognized for her crystal-clear complexion and obsession with skincare (she is Korean, after all!), Jenn holds nothing back when it comes to sharing with her followers her “holy grail” products.

Keeping Things Simple

Koreans are known for their complicated and multi-step skincare routines but Jenn seems to have streamlined them all into a 4-step quickie. We’ve decided to pick 2 highlights!

Micellar Water

Jenn opts for micellar water over a conventional oil or milk-based makeup remover to ensure that her skin is cleansed at the same time (she follows up with a separate cleanser after that). For people with sensitive skin, she recommends looking out for something that is extra gentle. To add, we suggest ensuring that the product contains no alcohol or fragrance to prevent any form of skin irritation.

Facial Essence

Some people use serums after applying their toner. Jenn’s holy grail in her entire skincare routine is her facial essence. She thinks ahead and gives her skin what she believes it needs — a formula that contains anti-aging as well as complexion-boosting properties. If you ask us, we think it’s no secret why she has such beautiful and younger-looking skin.

Check out her YouTube channel and we guarantee you’ll be learning a lot!

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