Beauty Blogger Andrea Shares Her Thoughts on Purple Shampoo

It is challenging to find organic hair care that delivers good results. But beauty blogger Andrea (@organicbeautylover) is here to make the job easier for you! She recently discovered organic purple and blue shampoos, products that are hard to spot in the organic hair care aisle. After testing them out, she has some fantastic hair care tips for you.

Andrea’s love for organic beauty started in 2015 when she realized that various synthetic chemicals in beauty products are potentially toxic. It revealed the realm of organic skincare and haircare to her, and she slowly made the switch to organic products. Unsurprisingly, her blog is called, and it is filled with amazing information on all things organic.

Here is what Andrea has to say about organic purple and blue shampoos.

Andrea’s Tips on Organic Purple and Blue Shampoo

1. Who Needs Them?

Andrea says that she has been struggling with brassiness in her coloured hair for a long time? Highlighted, blonde or brown hair tends to develop these brassy or orange undertones after the hair color begins to fade. Purple and blue shampoos contain pigments that cancel these brassy undertones, giving a flattering look to colored hair even after multiple washes.

2. Why Organic Purple Shampoos Are Better

Andrea does not like certain harsh ingredients in conventional purple shampoos. These include SLS, 1,4-dioxane, and fragrance. Therefore, she prefers organic purple and blue shampoos that contain gentler ingredients and eco-friendly natural dyes.

3. How To Pick Between Purple and Blue Shampoo?

Choose shampoo
Andrea recommends an organic purple shampoo if you have light blonde or platinum hair. These hair colors tend to develop yellow undertones that purple shampoos can cancel out. For light brown or dark blonde hair, she recommends a blue shampoo. A blue shampoo works better at cancelling orange undertones that these hair colors may develop.

4. How To Use Organic Purple or Blue Shampoo?

Andrea suggests applying an even layer of purple or blue shampoo on dry hair. You can leave it on as per the time mentioned on the product packaging or a little longer for more pronounced results. Then, rinse off the shampoo with cold water as you would any other shampoo. However, purple and blue shampoos can stain your clothes or bathroom tiles, so avoid contact or rinse them out with water thoroughly.

These tips on organic purple and blue shampoos should be handy for anyone with blonde or light brown hair. To know more about Andrea’s purple shampoo picks, check out the full blog post on

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