4 Celebrity Makeup Hacks That You Need To Try!

Have you ever wondered why celebrity makeup looks a class apart? Not just their makeup for events, but even their everyday makeup usually looks flawless. So, what is the secret behind picture-perfect celebrity makeup? First, most celebrities take excellent care of their skin, which creates a seamless canvas for their makeup. Secondly, celebrities pick up little tricks and hacks along the way that further uplift their makeup skills. So, here are some celebrity makeup hacks that you can try to elevate your everyday makeup.

1. Jessica Alba’s Non-Cakey Makeup Look

Jessica Albas makeup look

Cakey base makeup is a common concern for all makeup wearers. A trending makeup technique to avoid this is to dot all your cream products at once on your face and blend them with generous spritzes of setting spray in between. This technique prevents layering too many cream products on the face, which can cause cakiness. It seems that Jessica Alba has also started following this technique for seamless base makeup.

2. Drew Barrymore’s Rosy Cheeks

Drew Barrymores Rosy Cheeks

Drew Barrymore swears by an age-old makeup trick: using her lipstick as her blush. This trick gives a natural flush to the cheeks, and a subtle look overall, as your lips will match the blush. Choose any moisturizing bullet lipstick and dot it on your cheeks where your blush would go. Then, blend it out with your fingers for a rosy look.

3. Ariana Grande’s Flawless Eyeliner

Ariana Grandes Flawless Eyeliner

A perfect winged eyeliner is perhaps the most elusive element of makeup. However, Ariana Grande has some tips to help you achieve a flawless wing. She recommends using dark eyeshadow on an eyeliner brush first to outline the wing. This leaves room for correction as eyeshadow is more forgiving than liquid liner. Once your outline is in place, fill it in with a liquid liner. Use swift and confident strokes for a smooth wing.

4. Selena Gomez’s Voluminous Lashes

Selena Gomezs Voluminous Lashes

Isn’t it a task and a half to apply mascara to your lower lashes? Selena Gomez’s makeup hack can make your lower lashes look voluminous and well-defined. Instead of using a mascara wand to apply the product, you need to use tweezers! First, dab a good amount of mascara on the end of the tweezers with your wand. Then, use the tweezers to gently grab your lower lashes and apply the mascara on them. This trick gives the most defined, fluttery lashes, but just be careful with the tweezers.

If you want to make your everyday makeup pop a bit more, try these celebrity-approved tricks for a flawless look.

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